Advice on STDs

Not sure if you should test? Or what to test for? Try our free advice!

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What to test for?

Find out what are the most common sexually transmitted diseases for people like you.

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Should you get tested?
How often?

We've all run risks when having sex. Find out if you should get tested and how often.

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Take action when you have symptoms

What to do with symptoms?

Is it itching where it shouldn't? Do you feel pain when urinating? Is the skin around your genitals red?

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Find out how to protect a future mother and her unborn child.

How to protect a mother-to-be?

Men and women alike: if you are pregnant or planning to have a child, protect the unborn and its mother.

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Warned by an (ex-)partner

Is an (ex-)partner infected?

If you know what to test for, because an (ex-)partner is infected, select the tests you need in our shop.

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Oral and anal sex

Oral and Anal: what's the risk?

Can you get an STD from oral sex? Can you have an anal STD?

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My question is unanswered

Is your question not covered? Make sure to talk to a doctor or someone specialised in Sexually Transmitted Diseases. You can find a specialist through Liebesleben


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